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EasyJet Charging Administration Fee for Letters Proving Flights were Cancelled

A 48-hour strike of French air traffic controllers that occurred on April 8 caused the cancellation of flights for thousands of British passengers, who are now trying to get refunds.  Now EasyJet is charging these passengers £10 to acquire a letter that is proof their flight was cancelled.  The airline says the fee is legitimate as each letter is “individually researched” that contain all the details required by the insurance carrier.

According to a spokesperson, this fee is charged to every passenger who requests a letter of proof of flight cancellation, but that the passenger should be able to receive a reimbursement as part of their insurance claim.  EasyJet, as well as other airlines, did provide hotel accommodations and meals until their flights could be rearranged. Another, 4-day strike is planned to begin on Wednesday.

The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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