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EasyJet Will Give Cheap Flights to Government Officials

Budget carrier EasyJet has just struck a deal with the government, in which they have agreed to give government officials cheap flights.  The reasoning behind this decision is to cut the travel expenses of government ministers by giving them cheaper, more flexible flights, which will ultimately save the taxpayers money because it will cost the government officials less money to fly to various destinations around the UK.  The deal is already in effect and as of now it is in effect for one year.


Carolyn McCall, chief executive of EasyJet, says that they fully believe it will make the travel of government officials less expensive and will save the taxpayers money.  She also said that they are aware that government officials already fly with EasyJet, so this was not a bid to win their business, but to make travel easier and more affordable.  With this deal in place, EasyJet expects government officials to use the airline for all their European travel.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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