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EE giving away free flights when consumers pre-order Samsung Galaxy S5

People who pre-order their Samsung Galaxy S5 phone online from EE before April 10 will receive a free return flight to one of 12 destinations in Europe.

Destination cities include Brussels, Nice, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Madrid, Rome, Prague, Barcelona, Milan, and Paris.

Customers who sign up for the new phone will pay only £59.99 on a £37.99 monthly plan.

The mobile internet service provider and mobile network operator formerly called Everything Everywhere is the largest in the UK, with approximately 28 million customers. Service is offered only in the UK. The company has offices in London, Hatfield, Darlington, and Bristol.

EE stores sell EE, Orange, and T-mobile products, accessories, and services.

The above article is a summary. Please see the source article at Google News.

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