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Fastjet to look at its pricing plan

Fastjet, which is a low-cost African airline, is going to be looking closely at its pricing structure now that the airline is three years old. The airline has just acquired its fourth Airbus 319 but this four is way less than its projected 30 by this time. Back in 2012 the airline set out its plan which included expansion to 30 aircraft by this point. In fact the airline will only become profitable next year, making for a long and rough first few years.

The airline was created to offer cost-effective flights on short-haul routes between Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, and Tanzania. Fastjet chief executive, Ed Winter, “I very much underestimated the time it takes to establish in Africa. The plans in 2012 were overambitious.” Winter is now busy trying to get licenses that would allow for short-haul routes to Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The above article is a summary. Please see the source article at Google News.

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