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Finding cheap flights when destination is irrelevant

There are many people who don’t care where they go, so long as they can get away and have a vacation. As long as it is relaxing, exotic, interesting, and new, it fits the bill. If this sounds like you, then check out SkyScanner, which searches hundreds of airlines and booking sites to find the best deals. SkyScanner seems to have a knack for finding cheaper flights that its competitors, such as Kayak and Expedia.

The best secret about SkyScanner is that if you aren’t picky about the destination, you can simply search for flights all over the world and find the cheapest destinations. All you need to do is visit the SkyScanner flight search page, enter in the city from which you are departing, and simply type “everywhere” into the “To” box. Then enter your travel dates and you will get a list from which to choose.

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