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Free Flights can Cost a Lot

If you have saved your Air Miles reward miles diligently to use them to fly to some wonderful and exotic destination, you might get a big surprise when you book your tickets – hefty fees.  This is something Natasha Haynes knows from first-hand experience, when she booked a flight to Las Vegas for her and her husband.  She used her Air Miles and still ended up having to pay $446.56, which was only about $300 cheaper than just booking the flight on WestJet.

It turns out that airlines charge more and higher fees on tickets that are booked using Air Miles.  The Air Miles collection program charges a $15 administration fees when tickets are bought using the points.  Then Haynes was charged a Security/Fuel Charge of $105, when each ticket already included the U.S. Security Fee of $2.70 and Canada Air Security charge of $12.10.  This Security/Fuel Charge is not present on tickets bought through normal channels.  Consumers have to be aware that there are different charges on tickets bought through Air Miles and much of that money goes directly into the pockets of the airline.

The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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