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With holiday travel right around the corner, has some travel advice.  Everyone is excited to be with family for the holidays and spend a relaxing time together, but this is also a time when getting to family for the holidays is stressful. offers their Top 10 Holiday Season Travel Mistakes to help travellers know what to avoid.  The first of these is to avoid procrastinating when booking flights, which go up an average of $5 per day during the holiday season.


Pay attention to the connection details when booking so that you don’t cut the connections too close.  Also, avoid travelling during the busiest times, which include the days closest to Christmas and the weekend between Christmas and New Year.  Don’t bother using your points, which is very difficult at this time of year.  Whenever you can, book flights and hotel stays together.  Other mistakes commonly made include not planning ahead for the flight, waiting too long to check in, over-packing, eating on the run, and not bringing a book on the journey.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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