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How Cheap are Spirit Airlines Cheap Flights – Really

Spirit Airlines is a budget carrier and they leave out the bells and whistles to offer cheap flights, but how cheap are these flights?  When you get a flight for $29, do you really just pay $29?  Reporter Kimberley Cheng took a trip on Spirit to find out.  The bottom line?  It cost a lot more than $29, once the fees and taxes were includes, but it was still nearly half the price of the competition.  The total for the round trip was $130, flying round-trip from Phoenix to Dallas.

With Spirit all you pay for is the seat on the plane and everything else is extra – everything.  Even checking in for your flight with an agent costs $5.  Baggage is extra, including carry-on baggage that is anything bigger than a purse or handbag.  Check-in baggage fees are $20-$45 extra.  Seats are assigned when you check in and if you want a seat with more foot room, then you have to pay extra.  There is no complimentary drink service and sometimes the flights are late, but overall most passengers Cheng spoke with said it’s worth it for the price.

The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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