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How to make travel rewards work

There are so many different travel rewards programs available and it seems the alliances, partnerships, programs, and rules always seem to be changing. This makes it extremely confusing for the traveler and the provider. is offering some tips on how to make travel rewards programs actually stick and work in the long-run through its Top 10 Ways to Make Travel Rewards Programs Go the Distance.

To highlight just a couple of the tips it is suggested that travelers don’t ever pay to get into the game. Meaning there should be no fee unless it is an annual fee on your credit card. Travelers should take advantage when they can and double, even triple dip and use rewards from different companies all at once. And of course always be aware of blackout dates so you aren’t trying to book travel during a time that is supported by the program.

The above article is a summary. Please see the source article at Google News.

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