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How Travellers Find Their Way Through the Cheap Flight Deals

We live in an age of online convenience, and travellers are making use of that convenience more and more often in order to book their vacations, getting cheap flights and good hotel deals.  But is booking online right for everyone?  Experts say that depends on the trip the person is taking.  Ann Berezowski, a veteran traveller from Calgary, says that it all depends on the complexity of the trip.  The more complicated the trip, the better it is to book with an agent and an agent can be invaluable for the first-time traveller.

Berezowski was once employed by a cruise ship company and she travels the world frequently.  In recent years her travels have take her to Belize, Dubai, Fiji, Spain, Italy, and California.  She says that booking online can be great, but those who do must be willing to take the risk that they might not get what was listed on the website.  Kimberley Cotter, director of operations and member services for Transat Western Canada, saying that today’s travellers are overwhelmed with information.

The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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