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If you can get a ticket, Venezuelan flights are cheap

Venezuela is a country with runaway inflation, which means that anyone with currency obtained on the black market can get 60 bolivars to the dollar compared to the 6.3 bolivars as per the official exchange rate. This makes airfares really inexpensive for those with black market currency. The problem is that there are no tickets to be had.

Ticket are being sold set to the official rate, so people with black market currency can buy plane tickets that cost around one-tenth of the official price. This means people are taking advantage of the price and are flying all over the world.

Yet another reason the tickets are so hard to come by is because Venezuelans with airline tickets are allowed to buy $3000 American dollars at 6.3 bolivars per dollar; when they get to Venezuela, they can sell these for 60 bolivars on the dollar. So many people are buying plane tickets that it’s practically impossible to book a flight without doing so months in advance.

The above article is a summary. Please see the source article at Google News.

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