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Increasing Cheap Flights Cause Angry Chinese Passengers

With the number of cheap flights that are available in China on the rise, as well as a growing middle class, there is growing congestion in the air and in the airports.  Passenger anger is also on the rise, passengers getting fed up with flight delays.  Passengers have responded this past year in a number of ways, such as assaulting ground crews, storming the runway, and ripping off an emergency exit door.  Yet, still airlines struggle to maintain their schedules.


Wang Zhenghua, founder and chairman of Spring Airlines, said in an interview earlier this year that when the flights are delayed the passengers make a lot of trouble, sometimes beating the airline staff.  He added that the government is promoting a harmonious society, which means airlines can only try to calm people with compensation.  On top of this, manufacturers are predicting that every other day for the next two years a new aircraft will take to Chinese skies, further increasing the congestion and delays.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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