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Information for Passengers as United Absorbs Continental

TUnited Airlines is set to completely absorb Continental Airlines, with the final Continental flight scheduled to take off on Friday.  The two airlines merged in 2010, but up until now things have been running as they always have.  However, as of Saturday morning, United will merge the passenger lists from the two airlines into one large computer database.  The results of the merge will be one website, one frequent flyer program, and all tickets will be issued under United Airlines.  The change carries the risk of hiccups in the system that could cause delays, but the carrier has done four dress rehearsals, which include executives staying the night at headquarters to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The changes will start immediately after the final Continental flight departs from Phoenix at 11:59 pm on Friday, arriving in Cleveland as United flight 1267 on Saturday morning.  United aims to have all Continental signs removed from the 372 airports it services by Saturday morning.  The Continental name will still be on some of the aircraft, but all tickets will be issued under United Airlines.  All passengers will be able to purchase tickets from any gate agent in the airports.  In addition, planes form either airline can be sent to any of the gates used by United.

Frequent flyers will all be combined into United’s MileagePlus frequent-flier program.  Any passengers who had accounts with both airlines will have all their Continental OnePass credits added to their United account, although their MileagePlus account numbers will be the ones from the OnePass account.  Details have been sent to members of the frequent flier programs.  The website will be the one website for the combined airlines.  There are many things that can go wrong, one of which includes the check-in kiosks not working.  This would cause major flight delays.  United chose Saturday as the day for the switch as traffic is 15% lighter than that of weekdays.

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