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Is it possible to fly cheaper on a private plane than with a budget airline?

Most people wouldn’t consider flying on a private plane for business or a holiday, but maybe it’s time to reconsider. Every month, around 40,000 flights by 3,000 private jets make flights with only a pilot on board. You can get these flights for super cheap if you know where to look. There are several high-end private jet websites where you can search for options that will allow you to fly to certain destinations as long as you can gather enough friends to share the cost with you. For example, from Carlisle to Luton for only £280 ($465.96 USD) on a Citation Bravo plane, if you can find seven friends to share the cost. Flying with British Airways from Edinburgh to London Heathrow will cost you £324 ($539.12 USD) if you want to check your luggage. Websites to try include Victor, Jetpartner, and PrivateFly.

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