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JetBlue Now Offering Inflight Wi-Fi

Budget carrier JetBlue is now offering inflight Wi-Fi as they now have their own satellite, named ViaSat-1.  With their new service, the airline plans to be “the industry’s best inflight broadband for commercial aviation.”  JetBlue has named their new inflight Wi-Fi service Fly-Fi and the service is already working on one of their A320 aircraft.  The test flights for the new Fly-Fi service were conducted last week.

Fly-Fi will differ from other inflight Wi-Fi services in two very important ways.  One, the service will be very fast.  The other way, and perhaps the most important, is that the service will be FREE.  JetBlue will be offering their inflight Fly-Fi as a complimentary amenity, something you just won’t find with other airlines.  As Dave Barger tweeted recently, “Fly-Fi is going to be free and plenty to go around!”

The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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