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Kingfisher Airlines Customers Fed Up with Canceled Flights

Passengers of struggling, cash-strapped Kingfisher Airlines are saying that they will never fly with the airline again.  One such passenger, Anurag Chadha, said never again would he fly Kingfisher.  Disruptions in the airline’s flight service caused his travel plans to be delayed for three days and, ultimately, he canceled them.  Late in the day on Wednesday, March 7, Kingfisher Airlines flights were delayed as Hindustan Petroleum Corp. suspended fuel deliveries to the airline due to unpaid bills.  It has been worked out and fuel supply resumed yesterday, a national holiday in India.

In addition to the fuel issues, the airline was also told they were no longer welcomed in the International Air Transport Association clearing system for airlines and settlement systems with travel and cargo agents because they had missed payments and not met the cash requirements.  The airline was once number two in the country, but since their troubles began in October, they have fallen to a dismal fifth place overall.  These troubles include issues with fuel supply and pilots walking off the job due to unpaid wages all leading to major service disruptions.

Tushar Ray, an information-technology consultant for a mobile phone company, stated that he would rather fly with any other airline.  Ray was on an IndiGo flight yesterday, from Bhubaneshwar to Mumbai.  He said that something goes wrong with Kingfisher everyday and that he would pay up to 1000 rupees ($20) more for a flight with any other airline, although he travels frequently and usually looks for the cheapest flight available.

Prakash Mirpuri, a spokesperson for the airline, said that flights were operating normally, but Mannik Nangia, a spokesperson for the Mumbai International Airport, said that on March 7 five flights were delayed from leaving Mumbai and one flight to Singapore was canceled.  The airline said the reason for its payment issues is frozen bank accounts to which they are currently trying to regain access.  The airline is looking for new funding sources and has been downsizing according to its circumstances.

See the original Google News article for more details.

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