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Kingfisher Cancels 16 Flights

Kingfisher Airlines continues to have troubles and the most recent of these have resulted in the cancelation of 16 flights out of Mumbai.  This comes after Kingfisher sent a revised schedule to air industry regulators and promised the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) that they would come up with a new and realistic operational plan.  They have not made any changes as of yet, with the number of cancelations unchanged from last week, and have not filed a new schedule with the airport or local travel agents.  However, they did post a new schedule on their website on Thursday evening.

The result of all of these cancelations, according to travel agents, is that new bookings for the airline have completely stopped.  Pradip Lulla, tour operator of Cupid Travels, said that although the airline is operating flights in the same sectors, they have not be receiving any new bookings for any sectors, including the ones they are currently operating.  In addition, airfares from Mumbai have been sky high and continue to be. For all carriers.  The busy travel weekend is approaching and people scrambling to find seats, yet Kingfisher still isn’t getting any bookings.

The only affordable flights on Kingfisher were the business class seats.  One-way Mumbai to Delhi ticket price was going for between R23,000 and R28,000, yet the Kingfisher price was set at R16,000.  The Mumbai-Bangalore route is selling for R18,000 and above, yet Kingfisher is selling these seats for R13,900.  Mumbai-Kolata business class tickets are going for up to R48,000, yet Kingfisher’s price is the low R28,000.  A Fort-based travel agent said that despite the fact that Kingfisher has far lower prices, no one is going near them.  People simply do not want to take the risk that their flight will be canceled.  Those Kingfisher flights that are operating are generally being delayed by an hour or more.


See the original Google News article for more details.


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