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Needles in Sandwiches on Four Delta Airlines Flights

One passenger was injured by a sewing needle found in a sandwich served on board a Delta Airlines flight from Amsterdam on Sunday.  Sandwiches on four flights bound to the US were found to have needles in them and the airline is currently working with federal authorities and contacting their caterer, Amsterdam-based Gate Gourmet.  A spokesperson for Delta, Chris Kelly, said that the FBI in the Netherlands is also investigating.


The injured passenger, on a flight bound for Minneapolis, declined medical attention.  A needle was also found in a sandwich on a flight to Seattle and two separate flights to Atlanta.  Delta has said that they are cooperating fully with authorities and is taking the matter very seriously.  Christina Ulosevich, a spokesperson for gategroup, said that Gate Gourmet is cooperating with authorities, but would not give details regarding the incident.  Gate Gourmet is a subsidiary of gategroup Holding AG.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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