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New Cheap Flight Finder from Low Cost Airline Guide

Whenever anyone has searched for low-cost flights, this has been done by using a drop-down menu.  However, Low Cost Airline Guide is now changing the face of flight searches by using an interactive map to search for flights to your desired destination.  This removes the bother of only being able to see the information for one flight at any one time.  With the new map option, those searching can compare different flights on one web page at the same time.


The advanced mapping system makes finding a discount flight easier and more fun and exciting.  People can search the departures from one destination and view all the flights for that departure at the same time.  There are other features, as well.  For instance, if someone wants to fly to a specific destination and there are no flights out of their chosen airport, then they can search other airports by distance from their home city.  It is a very convenient system.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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