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Olympic Attendees Can Save Money by Camping

For those who are going to London to enjoy the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympics Games and want to save some money, camping is a good option when it comes to accommodations.  What is being referred to as ninja camping-in-the-city is a great way for visitors to stay for less than $50 per night, which is definitely attractive to travelers who are on a tight budget.  There are a number of in-the-city camping sites set up in various large playing fields throughout the city of London, making it ideal for budget travelers.  The chosen playing fields are located adjacent to sport complexes, some of which are hosting components of the Olympic games.

Many of these camping sites offer four-man tents and other equipment that are already set up and ready to be used.  Others offer campers the option of bringing all their own camping gear so that they can camp at their own level of comfort.  Many sites also have children’s playgrounds available, which makes them great family camping sites.  There are other camping sites that are on the site of local sports clubs, which gives campers access to bars, games, and other clubhouse facilities.  Blackheath Rugby Club in South East London is organizing a nightly barbecue for campers so that they can gather to share a meal and talk about the day’s events, including the incredible Olympic competitions they have seen that day.

The camping fees are between $20 and $40 and are collected by the local sporting associations.  The sites are safe and secure and the fees go to support the local clubs and sporting events held in and around London.  With the ideal cost, these camping accommodations are likely to go fast for those who are cash-strapped or who want to share in community.

See the original Google News article for more details.

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