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Perception of Costs of Flights in Eurozone Differs

While cheap flights are readily available around the world, there are differing perceptions regarding the cost of flights, according to a study recently conducted by Skyscanner, a leading travel search website.  Those in the Eurozone are finding the cost of flights to be cheaper than they perceived, thanks to sterling reaching a four-year high against the euro.  However, in the Americas, the perception is opposite, with flights being more costly than perceived.


The annual study took into account 30 destinations.  The overall perception was that India was the cheapest place to which to travel, but the reality is that the cheapest place is Morocco.  Germany was also found to be cheaper than perceived.  The cost of travel is greatly affected by flight cost, which means that the long-haul destinations end up being a more expensive holiday choice, even if travel within the country is cheaper.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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