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Pet Airways Cancels Flights

Pet Airways, the ingenious concept of an airline devoted to pet travel that was made a reality, has fallen on hard times and this means that pets across the US are stranded. Martha Hamilton is not happy, having had to fly from New York to Los Angeles to rescue her stranded dog and then rent a car and drive back to New York, a trip that took three days. Alysa Binder, co-founder of Pet Airlines, said they are a pioneer company and there are bumps along the way.

The airline does not own its own aircraft and in November they chose a new company from which to contract a plane. Unfortunately, the new aircraft was not up to the safety standards required for the pets they transported, particularly when it came to temperature. It was simply too cold. They switched back to their previous contractor, but because the plane had previous commitments, some flights had to be canceled. The airline is also on shaky ground financially.

See the source for this article at Google News for more details

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