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Porter Airlines Says They Will Bring about Cheaper Flights

Porter Airlines has a plan, a big plan, that they say will bring cheaper flights.  The plan includes the expansion of the airline across the continent, which is a huge risk.  However, the airline has to overcome some rough spots, including the concerns being raised by the Toronto municipal government.  Robert Deluce, chief executive of Porter, attended a press conference on Wednesday where he said that if they can proceed with the expansion, then destinations such as Vancouver, Calgary, Los Angeles, and Miami would be on their schedule.


Deluce stressed that if they are successful, then there would be more competition leading to more affordable airfares for passengers.  The airline currently serves 19 destinations, but the new plan would see that number increase by 14, starting in 2016.  The expansion will cost the airline a significant amount of money, with $2.3 billion being spent on new aircraft from Bombardier.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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