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Seven Airlines that Are Unexpectedly Good

You pay a lot for some airlines and you expect them to be good, but sometimes they are not.  Then there are the airlines that offer cheap flights, the ones from which you don’t expect much more than a seat to keep warm.  However, there are a few airlines that are surprisingly great, despite their offering of cheap flights.  These are airlines offer fantastic service, good food, onboard entertainment, nice planes, and on-time service.

AirAsia X has small, yet comfortable seats and, although you have to pay for it, they have really good food.  Virgin Australia international flights offer a good price and still have great entertainment, great food, and great service.  Jet Airways offers nice planes, good service, and cheap flights that are on time.  For a carrier in the US, Southwest Airlines is surprisingly good.  Egypt Air is another surprise, with comfortable seats, good service, and plenty for the passengers to do.  Finally, Qantas and Ethiopian Air are in the top seven as budget airlines that are worth the price.

The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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