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Singapore Air Ending the Two Longest Routes in the World

Cheap flights and budget airlines have made it so people no longer expect to fly with the amenities they once had during a flight.  This has caused many airlines to cut inflight services and many have even started cutting their long-haul flights.  Singapore Air is the latest to follow this trend and announced on Wednesday that they will be ending the two longest flights in the world, between the airline’s home city and Newark and Los Angeles.


The move to end these two long-haul flights, which are business class flights that were launched in 2004, will allow the airline to save a lot of money on fuel.  The flights will be cancelled by the end of 2013, which will likely cause problems for some business travellers who use the routes regularly.  One such business traveller, Paul Ng, global head of the aviation law firm Stephenson Harwood, said he is disappointed.  He said most of the time he flew on the route, the plane was full so the demand is there, but the airline said it can’t justify the expense anymore.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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