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Skyscanner Announces Traffic Growth

Skyscanner, launched in 2002 by Gareth Williams, is a flight comparison website that has changed the cheap flight landscape. At the London Web Summit, Skyscanner announced they they have achieved a 400% growth in traffic in their Asian and Indian markets, the Asia office having only opened six months ago. Williams spoke with Ben Rooney of The Wall Street Journal and said that they are currently working on solving a number of problems, which, with only one round of funding to the tune of £2.5 million in 2008, are relatively straightforward.

The primary focus of Skyscanner comes in two areas, the first of which is international growth. The website relies on click-throughs to generate revenue and they make $2-$3 million per month this way, due to the 20 million visitors to the site each month. Skyscanner has a visitor repeat rate of 50%. Their India and Asia offices have helped Skyscanner expand on an international level and they are committed to this expansion, with a staff of ten now working in their office in Singapore. They also hire people from 30 different nationalities, all of whom work out of the headquarters in Edinburgh. The company understands the need to build local community around their product.

The other area of focus for Skyscanner is the mobile market. So many people plan their flights and trips on a mobile device that developing a mobile presence to compliment their online presence is a must. Since Skyscanner is building a product that is needed by people outside of the US and Europe, they are able to do so without the usual fanfare that accompanies an online company. This allows them to bring in higher revenue and not have to play up the brand and create the hype that normally accompanies this type of product.

See the original Google News article for more details.

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