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Southwest Airlines to Add Nonstop Flights to San Antonio and LaGuardia

Southwest Airlines has announced their plans to add two nonstop flights per day between Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and New York’s LaGuardia International Airport and between Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and San Antonio International Airport.  These new flights will begin on August 12, 2012.  Southwest currently only has nonstop flights from St. Louis to two other airports out of a total of 72 cities in 32 states.  These new flights will significantly improve their reach using nonstop flights and will improve their ability to compete in the airline industry and in the markets represented by these cities.

So what is the verdict regarding cheap flights vs. nonstop flights?  It depends on who is asked.  Senior Kyle Oetjen, said he has always been able to fly nonstop, but if faced with the choice, he would take a cheap flight over a nonstop flight.  On the flip side of the coin is sophomore Emily Meyers, who says convenience is far more important to her and that she would pay more for a nonstop flight.  She also said that she has been using American Airlines to fly to LaGuardia, but she would switch to Southwest if she could get the nonstop flights with the lower airfares.

A cost comparison shows that a one-stop flight on Southwest to LaGuardia costs $121 and that an American one-stop flight costs $276.  A nonstop American flight to LaGuardia costs $319.  When it comes to flying to San Antonio, one-stop flights on the two carriers are more comparable.  Southwest costs $167 and American costs $169.  Sophomore Megan Conn said that she thinks nonstop flights offered by Southwest would make them more competitive and that she would use them if they offered nonstop service to her hometown.  Southwest Airlines could not be reached for comment on their new nonstop flights.

The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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