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Southwest Offering Cheap Flights for Fall Travel

Both Southwest Airlines and its subsidiary AirTran Airways are setting up to offer cheap flights into the fall with the launch of their new sale.  Travellers can take advantage of fares starting as low as $99 for a round trip ticket.  For flights that are 500 miles or less in distance, the airlines are charging a one-way price of $49.  For flights between 501 miles and 1300 miles the fare is $99 one-way and for flights for distances greater than 1300 miles, the one-way fare is $139.


These cheap flights offer respite to travellers since Southwest Airlines and other major airlines have raised their base fare more than 12 times since the beginning of 2011.  the reason for the rise in base fares in the rising cost of jet fuel, which has been a major issue for airlines who are trying to cope with these increasing costs.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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