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Spirit Airlines: Carry-on Costs More than Ticket

Spirit Airlines is a budget carrier that is known for its super cheap flights, but what many passengers find out when they check in is that it will cost them more to fly their carry-on baggage that it costs to fly them to their destination.  In fact, the airline doesn’t earn their revenue from the seats they sell, but from the optional and mandatory fees they put on almost everything.  These fees come during the booking process or at the gate.  The best thing going for Spirit is their clarity regarding their fees.

An example is with baggage.  Passengers can pre-book their baggage for a fee when they book their flight.  However, many passengers don’t know if they will be bringing baggage so when they show up the check in for their flight, they get zapped for baggage fees.  This has caused passengers to try to carry on as much as they can.  While some airlines have limited the amount of carry on baggage they will allow, Spirit has gone further and now charges for all carry-on baggage that is bigger than a purse.

The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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