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Spirit Offers Cheap Flights to Cartagena

Spirit Airlines is taking advantage of the Secret Service sex scandal by offering cheap flights to Cartagena, Colombia.  Their advertising campaign is called “More bang for your buck” and the visual is of a man dressed as a secret agent with sunglasses and an ear piece and there are four women in bikinis behind him.  The text of the ad says “Upfront payment is required.”  This is a spoof on the current situation in Colombia, as last week, prior to Obama’s arrival for the Summit of the Americas, a number of members of the Secret Service were in Cartagena and were involved with prostitutes.

Jim Copacino, an advertising executive for MSNBC, said that the ad is funny in a weird sort of way and that it is obviously geared toward the young travel market, those who might be persuaded to travel on impulse.  The airline is also running another campaign based on the current General Services Administration scandal.

The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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