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Strong Pound Means Cheaper Holidays

Research by Post Office Travel Money has shown that with the British pound soaring, so too can Brits soar to the far-away places they want to go and for less than they might normally spend.  Since the pound in gaining against other currencies year-on-year, Brits can stretch their money further in a number of destinations around the world.  Two particularly good deals are in Japan, where sterling has climbed by 18% against the Japanese Yen, and Brazil, where sterling has climbed nearly 15% against Argentinean Pesos.


Other countries in which the pound is performing well include the South Africa, Bali, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka, which has been chosen as the top long-haul destination for Brits who want to stretch their pound further.  British travelers can get eight items, including an evening meal with drinks, for £36.14, which is less than half what they would pay in a number of other destinations.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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