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The Promise of Cheap Flights Brings Ottawa Travellers to New York State

There is a new ad campaign in New York State that is luring Ottawans south of the border to catch cheap flights from a New York State Airport.  The competition is brought on by Cape Air, which flies out of Ogdensburg, N.Y. to Albany and Boston.  The cost of these flights is but a fraction of the cost for flying to those destinations from the Ottawa Airport, something that is made possible due to the lower fuel prices and the federal subsidies given by the US government.

Daniel-Robert Gooch, Canadian Airports Council president, says Canadian airports lose approximately 5 million passengers annually to US airports.  He added that Canadians have to start thinking about this not only as an aviation problem, but as an economic problem.  The Canadian Airports Council held an event last month in Toronto to explore the issue and try to understand it.  As for the US airports, Jacqueline Donohoo, Cape Air’s marketing manager, said that their ad campaign has increased their business and Ogdensburg is less than an hour’s drive from Ottawa.

The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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