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Third Week of Strikes at Frankfurt Airport Cause 200 Flight Cancelations

For the third week in a row, air field workers are on strike and this has caused the cancelation of 200 flights on Monday.  The newest round of strike action began on Sunday at 10:00 pm and will continue until 4:00 am on Thursday.  The strike by members of the GdF union have been ongoing while they demand higher wages and shorter hours.  Fraport, the owner of Frankfurt International Airport, says that they are willing to negotiate, but that the wage increases the union is demanding works out to 50%-70%, which is unreasonable.  The two sides entered into talks last Friday, but no agreement was reached.
The groups of striking workers in only 190 strong, a very small group according to labor standards as it represents only about 1% of Fraport’s workforce.  The strike has prompted calls to change Germany’s labor laws so that such small groups will not have the power to put such pressure on their employer.  CDU/CSU politician Michael Fuchs said that a mini-union should not be allowed to blackmail a company like this.  Even Fraport’s staff council is saying that the union is not acting in the best interest of the company and its workers.

On Sunday, one of the largest trade unions in Germany, Ver.di, said that if GdF succeeds in having their demands met, then they will most likely help other small unions employed by Fraport with their demands.  Last week’s attempt to come to an agreement failed as Fraport said that some of the requests in the proposal went above those originally made by the union.  Each day the strike costs Fraport one million euros in revenue losses and the airline Lufthansa is suffering as most of the canceled flights are theirs.  The airline has lost revenues in the high double digits, although this figure is probably higher now.

See the original Google News article for more details.


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