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Tiger Airways Ready to Roar in Australia

Tiger Airways started out small and small did not include the Sydney Airport.  Sydney Airport is one of the most expensive privatized airports in the world and since Tiger was offering cheap flights, Sydney did not fit into their model.  For their first two years of operation, Tiger did not consider Sydney as viable.  However, in 2009 they realized they would have to open up and give it a go if they wanted to tap into the biggest portion of the Australian market.  They began Sydney-Melbourne flights the following year.  Now two years later, Tiger Airways has officially announced that starting in July they will station dozens of pilots and crew in Sydney, along with three Airbus A320s.

Last July the airline was grounded by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority because they deemed the airline unsafe.  Since then Tiger has changed significantly, including getting rid of the management team that were in charge when the airline was disgraced and replacing with a new, more conservative management team.  They have also worked hard to become Australia’s most reliable airline in terms of on-time arrivals and few cancelations.  The airline has even allocated an Airbus A320 as a backup aircraft, which is practically unheard of for an airline that offers cheap flights.

Andrew David, CEO of Tiger Airways, said that while Sydney is a tough market, they will go where the demand is.  He also said they are working well with the Sydney Airport and that they are focusing offering a reliable and consistent product to customers as well as offering them good choices.  They are committed to the Sydney market for at least the medium-term as they do not want to go in and out of markets and put the reliability of the airline into question.  Tiger has had to alter prices to account for increased fuel prices and the carbon tax, but they are still in contention to be a price leader.

See the original Google News article for more details.

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