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Tips to save money on domestic flights

According to analysis done by Associated Press, the average round trip within the United States now costs $509. This is up $14 from last year at the same time, and doesn’t count extra fees like checked baggage, food, or reserved seats. If you’re planning to fly within the country soon, here are some tips to help save a little cash.

Don’t just shop around at the traditional low-cost carriers. You can sometimes find a cheaper flight with the major airlines. Search individual airlines and you might get lucky. Also, pay attention to what’s included with a flight. What seems like a great deal might turn out to be more expensive due to all the “perks” mentioned above. Some carriers include checked baggage, food, and reserved seating, and may appear to cost more, but will end up saving you money.

The above article is a summary. Please see the source article at Google News.

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