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Top days to fly for best deals

The best days to fly can change from year to year. You need to take into consideration when the airlines lower or raise their prices, which destinations are the cheapest, and when, and what days are the best to buy considering when you want to fly.

If you’re flying from one coast to the other, you’ll save the most if you leave before June 7. Starting June 8, you’ll spend up to 15 percent more. Never fly coast-to-coast on a Sunday.

If you’re flying from New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles to London, do so by May 16. You’ll save over $400 or more.

If you don’t have to fly during the peak of summer, don’t: if you wait until August 23, the prices will drop down almost to those from before May 16. Then there will be another price drop around the middle of October.


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