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Travel Landscape Changing, Cheap Flights Part of It

The future of travel includes computer-driven cars, train-loads of people travelling to the cities, and cheap flights on sleeker, more fuel efficient aircraft.  Expect the transition to start happening within the next ten years and know that the airline industry is well on its way.  The new aircraft coming into use are made of lighter material and with more efficient engines, which is making it possible to reduce emissions and the cost of air travel.


This means that budget carriers will be the norm in the future and are already well on their way to claiming that status.   They consistently have full flights and the tickets are cheap.  Experts say that in ten years there will be no one left fighting having to pay for all the perks of airline travel.  Instead, we are reminded that nothing is free.  The airline industry is becoming unbundled and paying for everything from snacks to baggage is the new trend.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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