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Travel to Thailand on the cheap

If you’re looking to escape to a beautiful and exotic location for your next vacation Thailand is a wonderful option, but before booking your flight, here’s a look at some money-saving tips. While it’s bound to be a pricey flight there are ways you can cut corners and save yourself some money such as booking your flight on a Tuesday. Tuesdays are always the cheapest day of the week to fly and you can usually save around $115 by doing this.

Choose your airport wisely as it’s much cheaper to fly into Suvarnabhumi in Bangkok. This move will save you around $200 versus flying into Phuket. If you book in off-season you’re bound to save more money. Late April and the start of May are generally a cheaper time as is late September. Be sure to check out all the airlines not just the American based airlines. And of course keep your eyes on flight fares so you know when a deal happens.

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