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Travellers Looking for Cheap Flights Trying to Avoid APD

As Air Passenger Duty (APD) increases, more and more passengers are trying hard to avoid paying it.  At present, a report from Sainsbury’s Finance indicates that more than one in ten passengers are making an effort to fly out of other European countries in order to reduce the impact the fee has on their travel costs.  For passengers departing from other locations, including Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Rome, and Madrid, the fees and taxes are lower.


One example of savings is a passenger flying to Sydney, who could save £190 in taxes and fees just by departing from Amsterdam rather than departing from London.  David Barrett from Sainsbury’s Travel Money, said that they have seen indications that some families are rethinking their summer travel plans due to the APD and that many of these families are willing to work hard to get around those fees.  Some are avoiding flying entirely while others are opting to fly out of other European airports that have better prices.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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