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U.S. Airports that Have the Cheapest Airfares

Not every airport is made to be equal and there are some airports that have, on average, cheaper flights than other airports.  When traveling, it is a good idea to know your airports so that you can book from the ones that offer the cheapest flights and has compiled a list to help you out.  For example, if you are flying out of Los Angeles, then flying out of the Long Beach Airport is cheaper, with an average airfare of $216 compared to an average airfare of $465 out of Los Angeles International Airport.

While the Long Beach Airport has made it to the top of the list as the cheapest airport, there are other cheap airports around the country.  In the number two spot is Myrtle Beach Jetport in South Carolina, with an average airfare of $249.  California’s Fresno Air Terminal steals the number three spot with an average airfare of $270.  Honolulu International Airport was the most expensive airport at an average airfare of $689.

The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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