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UK-Based Cheap Ticket Expanding Operations

Cheap Ticket, a subsidiary of Southall Travel Group, is expanding its operations to offer global travelers flights that will be departing from locations around the world.  Pervious to this, Cheap Tickets had served passengers departing from airports in the UK.  There is much excitement in the air as Cheap Ticket is able to offer travelers a level of functionality that few other sites can offer.

Cheap Ticket’s new website is up and running at and now visitors to the site can search for flights departing from any international airport across the globe.  Cheap Ticket is also able to take advantage of Southall Travel Group’s partnerships with the world’s leading airlines and world-renowned hotels.  This expansion of Cheap Ticket has resulted in the world being able to enjoy what travelers in the UK have been enjoying for such a long time.

The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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