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Weigh Less, Pay Less with Samoa Air

The South Pacific airline Samoa Air is the first to offer pay-by-weight airfare for their flights.  This means that diet just might pay off more than you think and you might want to leave the loose change at home.  Samoa Air is the first airline to charge by weight for the sale of a ticket, the weight being the combined weight for everything, including passenger and baggage.  When booking the ticket, the passenger enters an estimate of their weight and the weight of their baggage.  The ticket price is calculated on a per kilo rate.


Samoa Air chief executive Chris Langton said that charging by weight is the fairest way to charge people to fly.  It saves families traveling with small children and there are no other extra baggage fees.  What you weigh is what you pay.  The cost per kilo varies depending on the distance of the flight.  The cost is as low as AU$1 (65p) per kilo for the shortest domestic routes to AU$4.16 per kilo for their longest flights to American Samoa.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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