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While Canadians Seek Cheap Flights South of the Border, Who Flies on Canadian Flights?

A recent report shows a large number of Canadians flocking south of the border each year to find cheaper flights on airlines in the U.S., but are there non-Canadians flying on Canadian airlines?  Dianne Grimmer talks about her experience flying from London to Vancouver and she says that there are a lot of foreigners flying on Canadian airlines.  She was the only one of four in the seats around her who was Canadian – both times.


A passenger from London and two from the U.S. on the earlier flight and another British woman on a later flight made Grimmer wonder why these people are choosing Canadian-based airlines over the airlines from their own countries.  She said flights going to and from London were loaded to capacity with many foreigners, which begs the question of whether those Canadians crossing the border to find cheap flights is just part of a shrinking world.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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