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Who Needs Budget Airlines for Cheap Flights?

Most people think the only way to get cheap flights is to book flights though one of the many budget airline that have been popping up all over.  But what about the cheap flights these people have missed that fly out of certain airports?  September saw business travellers getting cheap fairs out of Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, a trend that has continued into October.  The fairs they paid were less than the cost of driving the distance to fly out of JFK International Airport.


These results were reported in the September edition of the CVG Fare Tracker, which is a monthly airfare monitor produced by AAA Corporate Travel for the Business Courier.  They ranked the airports based on which ones were cheapest to fly to and JFK international ranked number one, with 25 business travellers travelling there in during September at an average ticket cost of $258.  This compares to the $326 it would cost to drive there.  Orlando also ranked at $378 for the flight, which is $41 cheaper than driving.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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