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Why There Are Cheap Flights in Europe and the US, But Not in Canada

Booking a trip between cities in Europe and between cities in the US cost less than booking similar flights in Canada.  This is something to consider when planning summer travel.  For instance, consider booking the following flights at least 21 days in advance: London-Edinburgh, Paris-Toulon, Milan-Rome, Dusseldorf-Munich, and Barcelona-Madrid.  The total for these flights will be $689.68 and that includes taxes and fees, which add up to 36% of the cost.


Now consider booking similar flights between US cities: San Diego-Sacramento, New York-Washington DC, Buffalo-Chicago, Seattle-Spokane and Milwaukee-Des Moines.  These flights add up to $841.10, which includes taxes and fees equal to 16% of the cost.  Now for Canada.  Similar flights between five cities: Calgary-Victoria, Toronto-Ottawa, Halifax-Montreal, Vancouver-Kelowna, and Regina-Winnipeg.  The cost is $1815.14, with 28% making up taxes and fees.  Why the price hike in Canada?  This is due to higher airport taxes and higher taxes and fees, as well as a lack of competition like what exists in Europe.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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