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Zest Air Bring Back Taipei Flights

Low-cost carrier Zest Air will once again be offering direct flights from the Philippines to Taipei.  The decision was made since tensions between Malaysia and Thailand are easing, and according to company founder Alfredo Yao, it is expected that demand for the flights will increase.  This plan precedes the beginning of a partnership with Malaysia’s Air Asia Berhad, which will see them flying to Dubai next year.

Zest Air had planned on restarting flights earlier this year, but in May two Philippines Coast Guards shot and killed a Taiwanese fisherman.  The shooting prompted the Taipei to impose punitive restrictions on the Philippines, but the sanctions have been lifted, thanks to a formal apology given to Taipei from Manila.  Now the airline is hoping to restart flights by November.  Zest Air operates flights to 10 domestic and 10 international destinations.

The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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